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Dreamschasermedia (DCM) is an all-inclusive platform that closely knits all the participants of the media and entertainment industry globally. Whether you’re a Talent,Artist,Actor,Photographer,Videographer,Cinematographer,Makeup Artist,Choreographer,Blogger,V-logger, Agent, Casting Director, Entertainment Manager, Producer, Director, or Service Provider, Dreamschasermedia (DCM) is perfect right platform to make your dreams your talents turn true and Boost you further and take you near step upper Dreamschasermedia (DCM) is here for you all solutions/opportunities/chances that you are looking and searching for.

Who can participate in talent here on this Dreamschasermedia(DCM) PLATFORM

From newcomers who want to enter the world of media & entertainment to industry veterans, every talent is welcome to be a part of Dreamschasermedia (DCM)global family. The content is designed as such that it is suitable for consumption for every age-group.

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This one-stop destination helps you showcase your talent and services, learn from experts, identify exciting opportunities, audition online/offline, network with like-minded people, stay up to date with industry news and put forth real-time job listings.

About My Profile:

How to edit/modify your profile here.

Headshots Your headshot is the main photo on your profile. It's a closely-cropped picture of your head and shoulders and is the first picture people will see when they view your profile. Front Profile, Right Profile, Left Profile, Full Profile). Please check it’s one of these formats: .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .tiff.

The elements of a great headshot are personality, composition, balance, approachability, and memorability. After all, it is the first thing that potential recruiters will see on your profile and is an opportunity to sell yourself as a Talent. Your headshot should reflect your personality and show people a little of the spark you possess!

  • Natural make up for females and hair off your face.
  • A genuine show of emotion; whatever the expression you decide on, commit to it.
  • Natural lighting if possible; or a light source from behind your photographer.
  • A recent photo that is updated regularly, especially if you change your look significantly.
  • A closely cropped photo of your face that clearly shows your features - can be in black & white or colour.
  • How many photos can you upload?
  • As default all Talents can have up to 10 photos on their profile (including headshot). Full Members can have unlimited photos on their profile. Before you upload a photo, please check it's in one of these formats: .bmp, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .tif and .tiff.

Please check if your photos follow the mandate for uploading and are of the right size and right format. You can drop an email to and someone from our team will get back to you.

A complete, strong profile is the one that is updated in every aspect. In order to get noticed, you should also add at least 4 photographs in a well lit, natural headshots and profile shots. You should also add a video under the name “Introduction Video” where you need to shoot a video of yourself, in a well lit, solid background, stating your name, UID number, age, experience, what do you aspire to become, along with your left, right and front profile. Do not mention your contact details .

It is important for you to complete your profile so that we can match it to the best of the requirements for jobs.

We believe that DOB is not something that should be editable as we adhere to age ranges while letting you apply to any opportunities/jobs.

You can add as many categories as you like on the profile provided that you hold the necessary expertise and passion for the same. Please do not select unnecessary categories because it does not improve your chances of getting selected or shortlisted for any particular job.

Shortlisting is solely on the discretion of the recruiter. We do not participate in any form of discussion or have any interference in this process.

There is no specific place and time for auditions. After applying for a role, it is upto the production house how long it will take for the audition call, if you are selected for an audition, you will need to wait for the recruiter to get in touch with you. If they like the candidate, they will call for a live audition (depending of the requirement) or an online audition. If in case, the candidate is rejected, they will be notified in the applied jobs section of your profile.

We would clarify that we help you to get the best jobs in the industry by making them accessible to you and providing you a platform. However, once we give that space to you, it is between you and the production house and that is one process we cannot meddle with. Please get in touch with the production house for any further details.

There is no specific place and time for auditions. After applying for a role,Product ShootS or any other . we send the short-listed candidates to the production houses. If they like the candidate, they will call for an audition. This can take any time you can receive call,email from DCM Production house OR from our associate Casting agency between 1 week to 60 days . If in case, the candidate is rejected. We'll inform that to them within 15 working days.

Also, we would like to inform you that there is no need of coming to Mumbai or any other place unless you clear all the rounds of online auditions.